The Unreserved | Full Movie

The Unreserved | Full Movie

The Unreserved | Full Movie The Unreserved | Full Movie The Unreserved is an inquiry into the lives of passengers who use the Unreserved Compartment, ...

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The Unreserved | Full Movie

The Unreserved | Full Movie

The Unreserved is an inquiry into the lives of passengers who use the Unreserved Compartment, the cheapest way to travel across India on the Indian Railways system. The film portrays the passengers’ aspirations, efforts and opinions through conversations and personal stories.

The Unreserved | Full Movie

Director – Samarth Mahajan
Co Producers – Ashay Gangwar & Harshit Saran
Cinematographer – Omkar Divekar
Edit and Sound Design – Anadi Athaley
Assistant director – Rajat Bhargav
Music Courtesy – Leaving Home by Indian Ocean
Assistant Editor – Shivajee Biswanath
Marketing – Vivian Anthony & Chirag Beri
Executive Producer – Vaibhav Jadhav & Joelle Fernandes
Sound Mix – Mukesh Lobo
Digital Intermediate – Shashank Jha

The Unreserved | Full Movie

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The Unreserved | Full Movie


The Unreserved | Full Movie

  • Made me realize that what makes us each human isn't that different at all. We all have the same anxiety, fear, aspirations, hope and love for something in life. A "window seat" into the human psyche. Loved your work.

  • Samarth and team, great job! 1 hour felt really short for the breathtaking stories that you captured. Keep it going. Hope to see more from you guys.

    Also, do you plan on creating help portals for the people you interviewed who are in need of help? I personally felt really sad listening to the father's story about his daughter and the woman's story about her abusive husband. If there is anyway I can help, let me know.

  • 5 minutes into the movie I can already smell the chana jor garam! Beautifully made!

  • Elicited 100s of emotions. Such a beauty.

  • This is the kind of work that you come across rarely, perhaps once in a lifetime. Congratulations, Camera n Shorts for creating the most Indian documentary ever! 🙂 Humans of India! / 🙂

  • great work all made me feel nostalgic.we all have traveled in unreserved class & so feel connected by this documentary.The discussion were superb & hats off you guys pulled the conversation in quite brilliant manner.

  • Dude this is amazing stuff! I hope you can find a way to keep in touch with the folks and maybe get a blog up with 'Where are they now' type of stories.

  • Marvellous work team with such a beautiful concept and outstanding depiction of the beauty of India.With countless diversities citizens of the nation are united together through the strings of hope and never give up attitude.Thankful to CNS for this life changing experience.

  • boht kamal ka kaam kia hai londe ne !!!

  • Amazing work…As a regular traveller of Indian Railways,it touched my heart…Great work

  • Thanks for sharing us with all the different but equally beautiful and captivating conversations and helping us to look through the open windows of the UNRESERVED compartment into the lives of all these people. Especially, the subtle conversation with the Kashmiri guy helped us to understand that they are worried about the same basic problems of life as we are and they are no different than people of the mainland India. It was well-shot and edited and obviously, that Indian Ocean track was the icing on the cake. Thanks again!

  • Amazing work!! I was waiting for this documentary since long… Just one suggestion, It ll be even more fantastic if U can add voice makeover in film.
    keep it up!!

  • Something so natural about this movie. Made me feel one with the whole. Serene, real and truly Indian. Thanks CnS!

  • Incredibly beautiful!

  • Very well shot and told story(ies). Emotionally rich and technically sound. One of the best Documentaries I've seen in years!

  • This was inspirational!!

  • Loved it guys , the production team must be given a huge hats off

  • Another nice piece of work from this production. Your versatility attracts people. It's well said that It's not the destination that is important but the journey and you have showed it very well. Apart from experiences it gives you life long lessons and lot of information like I got to know about a huge contrast between the number of people attending marriages in Haryana and Rajahthan, opinions of Kashmiris and of course the beautiful scenes outside the window.

  • Good attempt but didn't liked it

  • hi your news in 14 feb hindu good to be exploring incredible india 25,000+km awesome bhau 1no

  • Truly, Incredible India !
    The documentary shows how the benefits provided by the State is not reaching the needy people and how people are still living in the shell.
    Kudos to all the 3 of u who traveled across India to capture the thoughts of people with such ease.
    I hope you have lots more of footage to release the 2nd part of it !!

  • Inspirational, subtle and smartly executed. Beautiful Docu.

  • You successfully captured the very essence of India and the beautiful chaos it is! Thanks for sharing!

  • Better than Sultan and Raes. 😀

  • Amazing!! I still wonder how u guys were able to strike such intriguing conversations with people from wide social diaspora,
    age group, extract intense and intimate moments of their lives. I have lot of interest in making this kind of content. Hope I'll learn from u guys.

  • THAT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  • brilliant idea guys!! truly Love the way the art of story telling. Sound of indian ocean is also a big treat.—
    A proud traveller of general compartment.


  • One of its kind. Brilliant job! I wonder how you people managed to shoot them so naturally! Felt as if sitting next to them, listening to their stories. Kudos and keep making such amazing things! All the best… 🙂

    P.S.- Please do share your experiences as travelers too! would love to know what you all went through during the shooting.

  • no words to describe how beautiful and awesome it is. It is so touching and excellent music. Well spent one hour, really looking forward for your next. All the best 🙂

  • It's really beautiful. Please keep doing stuff like this

  • Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so, so much for such a great film!

  • amazing work….
    you have brought the innocent soul of India on the screen…kudos.

  • Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Awesome work!

  • lovely !!!!!!
    so many different stories straight from the heart.

  • superb guys "kudos" to all of you, it was really amazing .

  • Guys, feeling overwhelmed. Being a regular traveller through the general compartment since my childhood, connected with every moment of this docu. The diverse landscape and people of India have been beautifully captured. The sleeping styles of people was the most fun to watch.
    I feel this documentary is a living, contemporary heritage of India. The transgenders, the kashmiri youth, the patriarchy of Haryana, the pain of a father somewhere compel us to introspect. Excellent work, keep it up.

  • One special mention for the crew guy interviewing the Kashmiri guy….the way you conversed was very smart. Presents all arguments but with a certain level of ease. Not anger or frustration but just opinions.

  • Awesome work guys…
    We all have traveled in unreserved, interacted with a lot of people.
    But consolidating stories like this and sharing it to the world, is something commendable.

    Kudos to team, for sharing Indian Roots.

  • Amazing work guys….I just came back from office and watched it….Nice work..

  • Superb work guys…Keep it up 🙂

  • loved every minute of it! brilliant stuff!

  • great work.u guys could have made it into a mini-series of 20 min videos?

  • This is beautiful !! 🙂

  • FUCK! It's so beautiful!