The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t SUBSCRIBE HERE: And this was before they had the wipes.The M...

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The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t


And this was before they had the wipes.

The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t


The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

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The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t


The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

  • Damn, great voice, well written script and a heartwarming if somber ending…can we get more of this guy and any other writers on this piece, it was really good!

  • Do Jarheads or behind enemy lines

  • I fucking hated it and you just explained why without me having too. Excellent video Christian.

  • think We Were Soldiers and Full Metal Jacket are pretty accurate… but pls tear Pearl Harbor or American Sniper a new one

  • Please give us more like this I think that it is an amazing look at something we just overlook as Hollywood being Hollywood

  • Keep this host!

  • did he diss Das Boot and florists?

  • I've never been war, I've never seen battle. Most violence I see is drunken brawls or gangs. My father, my mom's father, my uncles, they've seen war. And they tend to find comfort in the bottle. My dad's boot camp photos are full of ghosts. And that's why I'll never enlist or watch most "realistic battle" movies.

    Max was good though, dog soldier…

  • But the most realistic war movies is "Come and see"?

  • wow dis guy for the president if u dont want him in america put him in croatia :D

  • I loved Blackhawk Down


  • I saw The Hurt Locker with my dad who was EOD.  He almost walked out of it.  He was so pissed at the portrayal of EOD techs.  I found it to be boring and way over-rated.  I think the only reason it got so much praise is because it was directed by a woman and I can see how to the uninformed it could feel realistic. Also, why did it get a best original score nomination when I remember a distinct lack of music?

  • Outstanding analysis of the flaws of hurt locker. My favorite war movie is Kelly's Heroes… go ahead and tear it up….I will still love it! Woof Woof Woof….that's my other dog impression. :)

  • That was the most real explanation of why people keep going back I've ever heard.

  • i would like to hear this kind of review on American Sniper
    Waltz with Bashir
    on second if there is a similarity between American soldires coming back home after war and IDF soldiers

  • This video is old news but well presented.  You should do a series where you sin military movies or something. "Real soldiers never roll their sleeves up when engaging a Decepticon."

  • I like it when my father tells stories about Vietnam because it shows he is dealing with all the bullshit that comes with that experience.

  • Thank you for this video. Currahhee OEF 10-11

  • Damn dude most veterans are funny where'd you find this bag of sand

  • this is so spot the fuck on
    thank you so much for making this video

  • It's like when fantasy writers write about swordsmanship and survival but all they have is a B.A in english and never even went camping a day in their life or spent an hour on the mat with a sword. If you have no professional experience or research on the subject expect to be fact checked to hell. Just about all movies categorized as action or horror should be in the fantasy section. And many documentaries classified as so should be science fiction.

  • More videos with this gentleman, please.

  • well if snowden and assange have shown us something is that u.s military in deed is full of idiot toolbags…

  • can this video be a pretense for going home with you ;)

  • @ 7:55– he said that he was at a whorehouse… article 132<g>.

    FINALLY, an honest review of war movies!… and war in general.   I want to see more of your videos!

    Richard Johnson, Msgt ret.  (28 years USAF)

  • As as Sapped I say thank you. I never thought I'd see the day cracked would finally pick apart this piece of shit.

  • A cracked presenter who doesn't come across as some smug, self satisfied hipster cunt. Wow.

  • I like Enemy at the Gate. I'm sure it took liberties though.

    Please, ruin my movie.

  • Sincerely, thank you for your service sir!

  • saving private ryan

  • The last minute of this video is so fucking spot on. Might be the best Cracked video yet and by far my personal favorite. Do more of these, please.

  • stupid

  • well still like the movie

  • thank you for your service

  • As a former servicemember who was equally infuriated by The Hurt Locker, I found this video to be amazing. And your explanation at the end is absolutely SPOT ON.

    I came home from my tour in Iraq and VERY quickly shed all of my civilian friends. It was like in that one year of Iraq, I aged ten years, and they didn't change at all. I also came back during the recession when finding a job was near-impossible… so I'm sure that didn't help.

  • great video! cracked should make more like this! !!

  • There were more problems with the sniper scene. I remember thinking that was so ridiculous and painful to watch when I saw this movie.

    I don't even remember what the issues with it were now, but I think one of them was how the enemy was using an SVD semi auto yet was taking ages between shots while the 'good guys' were just sitting there.

  • please use this guy more, I'm tried of the skinny numales you usually give us

  • Honestly, I like this guy. He's awesome. Also a look at Black Hawk Down would be good?

  • Very nice video!