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‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

Watch the official trailer for the animated 2017 family comedy “The LEGO Ninjago Movie,” starring Jackie Chan, Justin Theroux, Dave Franco, Olivia Munn, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Michael Pena. Directed by Charlie Bean.

‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

Release Date: September 22nd, 2017

Plot Summary
A kung fu master (Jackie Chan), a ninja (Dave Franco) and other warriors must defeat the evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux).

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‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

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‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)


‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Official Trailer (2017)

  • Yessss I loved this as a kid, and I totally want to see this movie!

  • nope

  • to the all of those who are reading this all of the characters here are different from what's on the TV episodes Zane in the background is just standing Lloyd's hair is different from the TV as well and where's Nia Kai's sister but still L will watch this even it's different including Sen Sei

  • when i saw the trailer i was so exited to watch the movie because im a huge ninjago fan

  • i really don't like this because they changed there personality and voices and i can't believe they changed nya jay Cole and Zane and even sensi wu's voice and other characters as well and it is terrible so what ever they did and thought is really stupid.

  • Lloyd

  • wut happend to Nya? XD

  • They are ugly 1:30

  • This movie is super cool. You can watch it here – wholemovieonline,com

  • is this a reboot or something?

  • I'm so confused, his dad returned to the light remember? AND THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT WTF. Why do they sound like surfer dudes high on hormones

  • there's a lot of good movies coming out this year.

  • I like that lego ninjago is getting a movie but other than lloyd I hate the character redesigns.

  • this is different to series, and all of this wrong lloyds father went back to normal and sacrificed himself to save the world so no and lloyd knows about his dad and he knows about him…plus they look nothing like the original team and sound nothing like them. I hate this ?

  • its not about the legos its all about the sexual experience


  • What is the song name

  • Nothing says " I love you" more than leaving your husband that you could've saved.

  • Extended version of this movie has been leaked. Check it out 🙂 – wholemovieonline,com

  • I gusse zan is not going. because i do not see zan's robot (you know ice ninja)

  • the creators of this film are stupid they completely forgot about the real tv plus lloyds dad became good and the characters looks weird