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HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

HALO WARS 2 All Cutscenes Full Movie includes the full campaign story of HALO WARS 2 in a cinematic video!

HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

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HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

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HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017


HALO WARS 2 ALL Cutscenes Full Movie 2017

  • Sentinels aren't kamikaze units. They can lattice together to amplify their shields and laser attack, strong enough to kill even capital ships. These sentinals are like the ones from the Matrix 3 lol

  • The ending to this game makes it seem like a prelude to Halo 6. Which, if Halo 6 is anything like this game, it'll be awesome.

  • Halo 6 will end all cliff hangers

  • 2UP

    OMG the ending! Also-Atriox seems just A BIT OVERPOWERED_he can crush SPARTAN ARMOUR WITH HIS HANDS!?!?!

  • So Halo 6 will bring together the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire and Infinity. Potentially even the Banished as well. 343 might be on to something good for the next Halo. I'm actually hyped now for Halo 6.

  • Great story. There better not be a "Why is Halo Wars 2's campaign so bad?!" video or any other negative rants, regarding the story of Halo Wars 2, because it was solid.

  • good thing I didn't get this game
    wasn't too hype

  • The professor built a wall (an orange one at that) and deported all the brutes lmao

  • call it now banished gonna work with the UNSC latter on

  • I like how they fuck up their own subtitles, at 28:10 "There's thousands of them!" Subtitles: There's hundreds of them! lol

  • looks like their making a third one I think

  • This is exiting for me as a long time halo fan. Not only do we experience the ark again, but we get to look forward to the Infinity teaming with the SoF, Blue team/Osiris/Red team/Swords of Sanghelios/Banished(maybe) all together fighting on the classic halo ring possibly, a good chance the we will finally experience Mendicent Bias (big guess off of the sentinels in this game), and possibly humans gaining control to the mantle of responsibility to conclude the halo series. All of the shit that 343 has put us through has all been building up to halo 6. Imagine the final mission on a halo ring from halo 3 and you are charging along side Osiris, Red team, Arbiter, Atriox, and the sentinels against an army of prometheans controlled by Cortana. Then, at the end, Cortana shields all of these beloved characters in a shield similar to the one she put blue team into at the end of Halo 5, and she fires the rings. It will be the ultimate conclusion to halo. We have never seen what the rings look like in action before. The only survivors being the ones who we fought along side with. It would force peace among the survivors and they would have to start from square one. This is what I would love as an ending. Idk tho.

  • Halo Wars 2's story is to Halo 5's story as any love movie is to Twilight. 'Nuff said.

  • Also one more thing u can't blame atriox for getting mad his army is terrible even though they got waaaaayyyyy more technology then the spirit of fire if only all of atriox men were good at combat like he is then they would have made a difference ?

  • The worst part now we know who is responsible for halo 6

  • I can't believe cortana found her

  • isabel looks like a feminist dike lol
    we need more sexy cortana AI

  • …How did the Ark survive Halo 3? Did I miss something?

  • So…hold up… Now we have Humans "infinity/Spirit of Fire" vs Banished vs Cortana and the gauridans/covenant with 3 different spartan teams. The fuck is going on.

  • i feel like there is going to be more halo games before six comes out so that things are more fleshed out

  • this looks short as shit yah not wasting money on this money grab fuck 343

  • I thought scarab were controlled by the lekgolo

  • WOW. So many ties to Halo 5, but the ending…

  • Whel cortanas goin for that one I cant believe there sprees all over the galaxy

  • Holy balls jermey is crazy

  • The forerunners are so old


  • I spotted so many typos in the subtitles of the game.

  • AI has emotion
    that's new

  • This is the halo I asked for.

  • I'm still pretty confused about the place of this story in the canon. How is this after halo 3 if the ark was destroyed at the end of halo 3? I remember spark saying premature firing would destroy the ark but I guess they decided against that haha

  • i kinda hate isabel bitches attitute

  • Forge is aIive one of the Guardia teleport him before the explotion.

  • Day

    isabel pisses me off… she's too cheesy, and emotional for an AI, and could barely explain shit quickly and fluently.

  • soooooooo, halo wars 3 or halo 6

  • jeez these cliff hangers from halo 5 and halo wars 2 are so damn strong it hurt,i have waaaaaaaay too many questions.

  • cortana has the one ring to rule them all

  • i fucking LOVE blur studios!

  • Is this the birth of a new Masterchief?

  • when isabel mentioned master chief story?

  • i thought the ark was destroyed in halo 3?

  • I wanna see a team with chief and Jerome

  • I wanna see a team with chief and Jerome

  • There's one plot hole I'm surprised that the Captain didnt make Anders take some marines or a spartan with. As it unknown what sending a brand new Noob halo ring might have included.

  • Theory: Cortana has all the rings for "peace". The banished create a alliance with the unsc too stop Cortana. The Spartans In this game halo wars2 get new advanced amor (halo 4 halo 5 armor) and kill Cortana . She sadly kills chief and blam. 343 sells halo too VEVO. They scrap the story and make it too we're in halo 7 you play as Beyoncé and all you hear is her famous "halo" song.

  • I'm liking this a lot so far. But there is one thing I don't like about this new take on the spartans: they make them behave like normal humans. Their chatting, their reactions, their overall behaviour seems more akin to marines than to real Spartan IIs. Remember what Bungie said about master chief? He was human, true, but he really was the hyperlethal vector. He was a killing machine. That's what Spartan IIs are. That's the feeling I got from "The fall of Reach" novel. They are human, but they've been trained to be more than that.

    But that has changed since Halo 4. 343 wanted people to feel closer to Chief and the Spartans, and took away that aura of mistery and kind of inhumanity away from them. I can understand that kind of behaviour in Spartan IVs, since they have been recruited during adulthood. But this? It's out of place, at least for me. That said, I don't think